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Wed, 03 Feb 2010

Feb 03, 2010, 15:56 [home]
Sydenham Village Web Site

Last week I created a new web site for the little village I live in, called " I’ve made it to be a central repository of as much information as I can find on Sydenham.

So that means we’ve got lots of neat stuff there like:

It sounds quite disparate— so many different types of information, but the neat thing is that it’s all organized in a logical, easy to find way. Rather than googling something about Sydenham, you’re just as well off to go to and look yourself!

If you’re in Sydenham, and you’ve got a blog, a web site, a Facebook profile, a twitter account, or something similar, I hope you consider mentioning this site so the search engines can find it.


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Tue, 02 Feb 2010

Feb 02, 2010, 12:52 [home]
New Site Up -

Hey everyone!

I’ve just completed work on a new web site, and was hoping you could help get things going.

It’s called, and it gives you a chance to predict the future!

Registration is free and simple, and you get $100 free just for joining. BTW, View Bet is only for entertainment and fun.

We’ve made it so sponsors can win prizes like Walmart gift cards, so you might want to sign up as a sponsor too.

It’s easy to place bets: just claim your money, click the picture on the side you think will win for any bet you’re interested in, and wait for the fantasy $VB to roll into your own account if you’re right!

Bets have odds so you can win lots of $VB or just a few $VB if you’re right. We re-set the bet odds frequently for new betters, based on all available information.

New bets are set up daily, so keep checking back to see what’s new.

You can even see “Insider Information” for each bet, including the latest Vegas Odds and news from Google and Yahoo. Don’t place your bet until you check out that important information if you plan to do well in this game and win prizes.

You can not bet more than you have in the bank. We do not offer credit and won’t give you more money if you go broke…unless…

If you want more money, become a sponsor of our site for $5 a month via Paypal and we will make sure you get $100 more View Bucks - $VB - deposited in your bank account each and every month if your balance is ZERO as long as your sponsorship is active. If you are not a sponsor you will never get any more money to bet with or have more fun on the site. It’s our “tough love” policy because while the Internet may be “free” (we doubt it), creating this site and keeping it fun for all users is expensive.

So please go check out VuBt.Com right now and sign-up FREE to start fantasy betting!

Thanks! Have fun!

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