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Easily modify your web site yourself using a Word-style interface.

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Upload your own images, documents, and more with our simple interface.

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Being a small company means we get back to you with support in a timely fashion.

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Web Packages

About Web Site Costs

Common Price Points

You may have noted the hesitance of other developers to be specific about their prices. Like most things, prices depend on many different factors, and so these are generalities. If you want a specific price for your unique needs, please contact me with your details.

1. Essentials ($1000):

  • A basic web site that includes the following:
    • Site design
    • Web hosting ($100 a year- first year included)
    • Up to 10 pages
    • Basic Content Management
    • Contact Form

2. Extras ($2400):

  • A more elaborate web site that might include the following:
    • Site design
    • Web hosting ($100 a year - first year included)
    • Portable style sheet for phones and tablets
    • Possibly a security certificate
    • More Advanced Content Management
    • Social Networking Integration
    • Contact Form
    • Extras, for example a photo album, simple cart, or newsletter

3. Elite ($5000 or more):

  • A custom made site that could include a database with programmatic functionality
    • Extra features with potentially multi-user content management
    • Contact me with your details for an accurate proposal.
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