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About Us

CrookedBush.com is named after a cool crooked forest in northern Saskatchewan. Standing in the middle of a woods filled with tall, straight, trees there is a grove of twisted ones that wrap in and around each other. Some people have speculated that

  • a spaceship has landed there,
  • that there is something buried in the ground that causes the trees to deform
  • or aliens planted the trees

I thought it was a neat place, just a little spooky, and I like the creative name too, so I adopted it as my company name.

I use this name to brand my web site design. I've designed hundreds of sites for businesses and companies, for friends and family, and non-profit organizations I've been connected with.

CrookedBush.com is also the 'parent company' of a number of web sites on the Internet, including JasonSilver.com, NotationMachine.com, ReadSheetMusic.info, Intelliscript.net, RemoteComputer.net, FreshFoodOasis.com, and ServiceBuilder.net.

Thanks to Wissam Shekhani who has sketched the CrookedBush logo of a tree blowing in the wind, and for his permission to use his image as our company logo.

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