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CrookedBush.com Inc.: Fresh Food OasisEveryone knows that the fresher the food, the better the taste! But knowing doesn't help much with finding. In August of 2010, Cory Andress started investigating ways to improve local fresh food... [more]

About Us

CrookedBush.com is named after a cool crooked forest in northern Saskatchewan. Standing in the middle of a woods filled with tall, straight, trees there is a grove of twisted ones that wrap in and around each other. Some people have speculated that

  • a spaceship has landed there,
  • that there is something buried in the ground that causes the trees to deform
  • or aliens planted the trees

I thought it was a neat place, just a little spooky, and I like the creative name too, so I adopted it as my company name.

I use this name to brand my web site design. I've designed hundreds of sites for businesses and companies, for friends and family, and non-profit organizations I've been connected with.

CrookedBush.com is also the 'parent company' of a number of web sites on the Internet, including JasonSilver.com, NotationMachine.com, ReadSheetMusic.info, Intelliscript.net, RemoteComputer.net, FreshFoodOasis.com, and ServiceBuilder.net.

Thanks to Wissam Shekhani who has sketched the CrookedBush logo of a tree blowing in the wind, and for his permission to use his image as our company logo.

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